Hey! My name’s Mike, and it’s great to meet you! =) Welcome to my site!Mike Corvette

I’m a fiction writer, internet entrepreneur and domain name investor. I went to Penn State University for a couple years for electrical engineering, but eventually decided that academics was not the route I wanted to take in life. I’ve been a born entrepreneur for as long as I can remember, though it took me until my junior year of college to fully realize my true passion.

I dropped out of a renowned engineering program, gave up a $32,000 scholarship, and waved adios to my future life as a paint-by-numbers engineer. I’ve never made a better decision in my entire life. As a very free-minded person, I wouldn’t have been able to stand one week of that career.

Also a born traveler, I love to visit places all over the world. I’ve journeyed to England, Canada, Egypt, Jordan, Iceland, Japan and various states around the US. Experiencing new locations is a huge passion of mine, and I plan on visiting many more in the future!

My writing career is currently on pause, though has not completely ground to a halt. I am writing a science-fiction thriller, which I am envisioning should be published in 2017 to 2018. In the meantime, I have committed myself to my entrepreneurial career and building online businesses. As an online marketer, my main business involves using search engine optimization (SEO) to rank for affiliate keywords. I am also involved in selling high-value domain names to businesses who would benefit from the ownership of such names.

If you have any questions for me, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I can be reached at michael@mikegriffin.org, and I’ll email back as soon as possible!

Thanks for visiting! =)

Best regards,

– Mike Griffin